Storytelling Project

The aim of this project is to explore the power of storytelling. This is a work in progress. My aim is to tell my stories, and maybe help other people tell their stories too.


Making an animated film requires a person to take the time to engage in every detail of that story and the way it needs to be told. You are invited to create a world that is unique to you. The process of making frame-by-frame animation invites you to live in each moment of the story, and I believe can have a therapeutic effect. I have made a number of my own independent animated lyrical films, commissions and collaborations. Animation is also a great tool for education, explaining or exploring ideas. I’ve worked in storytelling for marketing, education and eLearning. I sometimes keep a blog for animation enthusiasts JustMakeAnimation.com. I’ve been a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire, and have taught internationally and all ages. I’ve also worked with people living with dementia, exploring how storytelling improves the quality of life and the importance of our own stories. I am looking for collaborations that will enable people to tell their stories, in particular those stories that are hard to tell.

Picture Books

I have recently started making picture books, published by Just Tell Stories. I make them in my spare time.


This site is also a portfolio of some of my work. Commercially I have the following experience:

      • Over 9 years of medical eLearning, including 3 years of the following:
        • End-to-end ADDIE model eLearning projects
        • Learning design, and working with subject matter experts
        • Articulate Rise and Storyline development
        • Medical illustration
        • Project management, and some line management
        • Strategic planning, business cases and project scoping
        • Learning Management System management and set up (IMC)
      • Animation
        • Stop-motion animation and frame by frame
        • Adobe Photoshop (and Painter before that)
        • Adobe Animate, and Character Animator
        • Adobe After Effects
      • Video editing
        • Adobe Premiere
        • Camtasia
      • Illustration
        • Photoshop
        • Illustrator
      • Graphic design and layout
        • Adobe InDesign
        • Photoshop

What clients say

Lucy is one of the most talented animation directors I have worked with. Her style and approach to projects are second to none, creating films were each frame is a piece of art. Superb attention to detail and a joy to work with.

SteveCreative Director at Reflective Films

Working with Lucy is a real pleasure. Lucy takes time to get to understand what is required, she has tonnes of empathy and kindness, a passion for telling stories and giving people the opportunity to air their authentic voice.

AnnChief Executive at The Steve Sinnott Foundation

I have had the pleasure of working with Lucy Lee for many years. Lucy has a very rare mix of technical knowledge and fine art skill... As if that wasn’t enough, Lucy is also one of the nicest and most generous people I know, who constantly over-delivers because of her strong work ethic and desire to simply produce quality work.

StuartCreative Video Producer/Director

Lucy is an excellent animator. Easy to work with, capable of thoroughly following briefs and delivers on time. Every time.

AlexHead of Post Production, Resource Productions

I've been very happy with the animated illustrations Lucy has made for my projects. Considering how competitive the animation and illustration industry can be it often surprises me how hard it is to find artists that will deliver work in line with the brief, as per the contract, in the requested format and on time.

MeganSinging Project Coordinator. Hillingdon Music Hub

Lucy is a sensitive and perceptive artist. Her animations bring a rare understanding of the subject and imbue them with light and life so crucial to any work of art.

AbhiLife Sized Videos

The films we commissioned Lucy to make have significantly raised our company profile. Compared to print advertising or trade shows, the films have resonated most with our client base by expressing who we are and what we do. Having reusable content of this quality has proven the most effective use of our marketing budget.

GeorgeDirector Lee 3D Ltd

I have worked with Lucy for the past two years and I would highly recommend her for any animation projects or teaching. Lucy is highly creative animator who brings innovation and energy to every project.

OliverBusiness Manager at Resource Productions Ltd

I was particularly impressed with Lucy’s professional and efficient management of the whole filming and editing process. I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend Lucy as a film maker or to work with her myself again on future projects.

AngelaEquine Reflections

Your animation is great and was very well received. You did a fantastic job both from an historical and a technical point of view. I look forward to work with you again for new animations I have in mind regarding the invention of the main means of transport.

CostantinoThe Sidecar Museum, Italy

Reviews in the media

Bird Becomes Bird, a ravishingly lyrical pastoral.

TIME OUT, British Animation Time Out Public Choice AwardsFilm Review Bird Becomes Bird, 11-18 Feb 1998

Lucy Lee… made her graduation film Bird Becomes Bird (1997) in Ekaterinburg, Russia, where she learned a huge amount from the local artists… Lee makes animated films with various techniques: oil paint on glass, drawing, puppet work, animating the environment, photographic sequences, live action, and digital media. Her films use dreamlike paintings and animals that become other animals in the desperate search for sense, following their personal dreams.

Giannalberto Bendazzi, ‘Animation: A World History - Volume 3 Contemporary Times’Lucy Lee’s film work reviewed in Bendazzi's book, 2016

Both the painterly images and effective lighting choices contribute toward a visually creative production… A student graduation production from the National Film and Television School in England, this film feels more like a mature work by an established artist…

Dr. Maureen Furniss (Professor, Program Director, Author), Animation World MagazineFilm review Bird Becomes Bird, November 1999

A brief but arresting collection of animations, Lucy Lee’s films ’93-’04 grants viewers the rare pleasure of witnessing and artist’s development from the very beginning. …it represents a powerful argument on behalf of the short film itself… the art is married perfectly to narratives where inspiration and transmutation are the themes… Lee has rightly won awards… and rewards repeat viewings the way only a masterpiece can. It is stunning.

Aesthetica Magazine, ‘Carp Into Dragon’Review of DVD compilation of Lucy Lee films, Spring 2006 (issue 12).

Your film proves that CGI animation so dominant today is no replacement or even substitute for ethereal, masterly images of pure artistry, which you provide in abundance in your short work, along with a compelling parable of universal application. We applaud your dedication to animation, and we are privileged to present the latest of your work to our audience.

James Hall, Festival Director, Golden Lion Film FestivalFilm review Gates of Heaven, September 2005

Painterly and mystical, The Gates of Heaven is less than two minutes long, but leaves an impression that lasts well beyond the viewing… Lucy Lee’s images, hand painted on computer, are as dazzling as real life… A violent spidery interlude played out on the ice at the edge of the basin where the carp swim is as exquisitely lovely as it is downright frightening… The Gates of Heaven is one intense little film, and while it leaves the viewer wanting more, it is exactly the right length. This is Lucy Lee’s eighth short film, and she is clearly a pro… It is a joy to know that we will see her influence on many films to come.

Josephine Bridges, The Asian Reporter, Arts Culture & EntertainmentFilm review, The Gates of Heaven, October 11th 2005

What a beautiful hand-drawn movie! The sun glows so brilliantly, and the ice-field truly looks freezing. The bird emerging from the ice is breath-taking, as well as the movements of the undulating fish…This film has poetry like that of Norstein animations.

Teruyo Nogami, Con Can Movie Festival, Jury Recommended AwardFilm review Bird Becomes Bird

I thought you might like to know that your lovely film, Gates of Heaven received the most hits of all the shorts and trailers that were in the cinema last week. We would love to show it again some time. Many thanks, Alex

The First PostFilm review Gates of Heaven, 2006

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” ― Philip Pullman

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou

“We’re all stories, in the end.” ― Steven Moffat

“The first and last thing we do, is a story” ― Lucy Lee