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What's the process?

What’s the Process?

  1. Briefing stage – we listen to what you want, find out what your clients are looking for, and design a package that will give you the results you need. We will advise on the most appropriate style of animation for you.
  2. Writing stage – if you don’t have a script, then we can write one. The story will drive everything. We’ll work with you to make sure you and your audience are happy.
  3. Voice over – we can choose an appropriate voice artist and check with you that you like them. 
  4. Design and animation – we can brand to your company colours if needed. Production time is determined by the type of animation. We like to keep you in the loop so you can see the film coming together if necessary.
  5. Post Production – editing, sound, music, checking these are right for you. 
  6. Use and promote your film, and monitor the results. We can advise you on making the most of your new video.

How long does animation take to make?

That depends on what type of animation it is and how long it is. The quickest animation to make is explainer video, whiteboard and motion graphics. These are the most popular types for marketing.

Because we give you the opportunity to feedback at each stage this adds to the time it takes to make the film. If this is done efficiently a one minute marketing film can be turned around in 4 weeks.

For all other types of animation it depends on what kind of movement there will be, how many characters, what they will be doing and the design style too. If it is bespoke it will have to be scheduled and priced in a bespoke way too.

What makes animation more expensive to make?

The more specific you are as to what you want the more work we’ll have to do to deliver exactly that. Alternatively we will offer you the best animation for the budget you have.

Bespoke animation is not ‘done by computer’, it is an art form done by trained creatives who put a lot of time, patience and commitment into making the best footage they can make. But there are some software programs that can help us to make much cheaper animation, however there may be limitations as to what can be done in them.

I have no budget. What shall I do?

If you are on a very tight budget, no budget or you are just starting out then I would recommend you have a go at making it yourself.

Check out our blog site because that is dedicated to helping anyone make animation for themselves.

We even run courses on making your own marketing videos.

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