Charity Case Study

Animation can help communicate difficult subjects in situations where live photography or film is not an option. Some topics are very sensitive and the rights of an individual, their protection and privacy are paramount – yet the world needs to know and understand their story. With careful use of metaphor, animation can deliver messages gently but clearly.

The storytelling expertise required to create authentic animations should not be underestimated. Reducing the magnitude of a human challenge down to just three minutes of film can be daunting, but if crafted skilfully it can hit the mark and action change. Audiences will be moved to get behind your campaign, you will stand out, and you will have a resource that doesn’t go out of date.

We help charities make a big impact online with targeted and relevant animated films that move audiences to get behind their campaigns.

Steve Sinnott Foundation Case Study

The Challenge

The Steve Sinnott Foundation have a mission to make sure every child has a quality education. They need to spread the word and let people know what they are doing and why. They also need to raise funds for their projects.

How do they do this? By telling stories. Real stories of the people they work with, real stories of the challenges people face, and real stories that will make people stop in their tracks and remember their cause. They tell stories at conferences, in schools, online, and anywhere they can to make an impact.

They wanted to celebrate the cultures of the people they work with, showing them in a positive light, and illustrating how people go to extraordinary lengths to make their lives better, and therefore how with help they can achieve phenomenal results.

Working with Lucy is a real pleasure. She takes the time to get to understand what is required, she has tonnes of empathy and kindness, a passion for telling stories and giving people the opportunity to air their authentic voice. I would highly recommend Lucy and her animation work is pretty fantastic too.

Ann BeattyChief Executive at The Steve Sinnott Foundation

The Solution

We helped them tell their stories in a meaningful and impactful way with animated stories highlighting each of the places they work in. We used hand made artwork to give the films more authenticity and make them stand out from the usual films online.

We also helped them set up a Crowd Funding Campaign to raise the funds to do the project. This was the first time they had done this, so we were able to walk them through the process step by step. It was a successful campaign and it enabled them to go ahead with the project, and at the same time increased their reach, bringing more supporters on board.

The Result

The three films are effectively used to communicate the core values of the foundation. They show why education is so important, the lengths people go to to get an education, and how this has helped them. They are leveraged across various platforms.

Schools Resource Pack – the films are a key part of this resource pack, with various activities based on the content of the films. They engage children in the discussion about how important education is and the lengths that some people have to go to get one.

Talks and conferences – Presentations and talks are broken up with the use of these films. They are used to introduce the work done in each country and they have drawn a very emotional response from these audiences.

Online – The films are searchable on the YouTube Channel, on the website, and they are also shared on the Social Media channels. They can also be added to blog posts.

Feedback from their audience – The audiences are delighted by the films, they find them memorable and emotional too, which enables the message of the foundation to stand out in the world.

Social Media

To be relatable in today’s world it is essential to be spreading the message on the digital platforms that are enjoyed by millions every day. It’s more powerful than TV and it’s free. But you need to know how to make it work properly for you. The point of social media is that it is sociable! It’s about having a conversation with people and providing content for them to share with their own networks. It’s a very powerful way to spread a message.

So we made the content for their social media campaigns and gave them continuous training and support to understand how they could best use that content to get their social media campaigns to work. We are proud to say that they got results straight away. People started sharing their content, leaving comments and their following increased.

Here is a small example of the content, and we also made videos from footage shot by the volunteers, and mini-video messages from the animated films we made too, thus further leveraging their investment.

Lucy is amazingly creative and professional and she really takes the time to understand our values. Thank you for all your support, it is a pleasure working with you.

Ann BeattyChief Executive at The Steve Sinnott Foundation

A number of friends who are head teachers & class teachers have expressed real enthusiasm & appreciation of the production of such an accessible, appropriate & appealing resource. One commented upon the integrity of the Foundation’s research in compiling the pack. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work Lucy. It is so refreshing to work alongside someone who readily gets what we are about; and furthermore comes up with the goods for us!

Mary SinnottDirector Steve Sinnott Foundation

E-Book Resources – A great way to share your story and your message is through useful e-books. Here is an example of one we made in response to the Coronavirus lockdown for our client. Please feel free to download and share their home learning resource.